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Hydro-Clean are also specialists in carpet cleaning for your offices, shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Your carpets will not only look great but the removal of the unpleasant grit and grime means they will enjoy a new and longer life.

Using a vehicle-mounted cleaning system powered by a diesel engine, we provide a deeper clean with quicker drying times.

Carpet cleaning increases the lifespan, feel, and appearance of your carpet. We provide our carpet cleaning services in Essex and south Suffolk

We also take routine cleaning seriously. If it’s been two to three years since your carpet was deep cleaned, the time to act is now. Most carpet manufacturers recommend deep cleaning every two to three years, and Hydro clean follows all manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure superior results every time.

Carpet Steam Cleaning — The term “steam cleaning” is something of a misnomer. What we actually do is offer hot water extraction cleaning for carpets of all kinds. This process emits steam, but the hot water and high-quality, shampoos are what really get the job done. The shampoo is activated by the hot water and works to loosen up dirt, dust and other debris. The carpet is expertly agitated and scrubbed by top-notch equipment, which further loosens dirt and debris. Finally, the vast majority of the water is then extracted from the carpet. Leaving your carpets clean and fresh with a short drying time

There’s nothing better than clean carpets.  They look better, feel softer, and smell fresher. Carpet cleaning can also improve your indoor air quality. Carpets and rugs are excellent dust magnets, especially in newer homes. Trapping more dirty air than most air ducts, like all filters they need cleaning.


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